August 27 – Conference Day 2

Detailed Program on August 27th:

08:30 Registration / Poster Set-Up
08:50-09:00 Announcements (Organizing Chairs)
09:00-10:00 Keynote Talk 2:
How and why to learn a 3D model of the human body in motion

Michael J. Black, MPI Tübingen
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-12:00 Oral Session 2: Action Recognition
Session Chair: Andrea Cavallaro
[#043] An Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Approach For Cross-Domain Visual Classification
Cheng-An Hou, Yi-Ren Yeh, and Yu-Chiang Frank Wang (Academia Sinica)
[#056] Adaptive Pooling over Multiple Trajectory Attributes for Action Recognition
Wangjiang Zhu (Tsinghua University), Baoyuan Wang, and Steve Lin (Microsoft Research Asia)
[#097] Action Recognition in Video using a Spatial-Temporal Graph-based Feature Representation
Iveel Jargalsaikhan, Noel O’Connor, Suzanne Little, and Remi Trichet (DCU)
[#106] Human action recognition using an improved string edit distance
Pasquale Foggia (University of Salerno), Benoit Gauzere (GREYC CNRS UMR6072), Alessia Saggese (University of Salerno), and Mario Vento (University of Salerno)
12:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:30 Poster Session 1: Detection and Tracking
Session Chair: Jörn Ostermann
Details on poster Presentations are listed below.
15:30-16:40 Oral Session 3: Event and Object Classification
Session Chair: Anthony Hoogs
[#072] Maximum Likelihood Linear Dimension Reduction of Heteroscedastic Feature for Robust Speaker Recognition
Suwon Shon (Korea University), Seongkyu Mun (Korea University), David Han (Office of Naval Research), and Hanseok Ko (Korea University)
[#031] Video Event Classification with Temporal Partitioning
Remi Trichet (DCU), Ramakant Nevatia (USC), and Brian Burns (SRI International)
[#046] Vehicle Subtype, Make and Model Classification from Side Profile Video
Jonathan Boyle, and James Ferryman (University of Reading)
16:40-17:30 Bus Transfer to Heidelberg Castle (Conference Dinner)
18:15-19:00 Short Heidelberg Castle Tour
19:00-21:30 Conference Dinner at King’s Hall

Poster Session 1: Detection and Tracking – List of Poster Presentations:

[#003] Learning Relative Photometric Differences of Pairs of Cameras
Christian Conrad, and Rudolf Mester (Goethe-University Frankfurt)
[#007] Part-based Fire Detection with Online Outlier Learning
Jongwon Choi, and Jin Young Choi (Seoul National University)
[#008] Minimizing hallucination in Histogram of Oriented Gradients
Javier Ortiz, Slawomir Bak, Michal Koperski, Francois Bremond (INRIA)
[#015] Collaborative Multi-Camera Face Recognition and Tracking
Jason Rambach (AGT International), Mark Balthasar (Signal Processing Group, TU Darmstadt), Marco Huber, Abdelhak Zoubir (Signal Processing Group, TU Darmstadt)
[#020] Motion Propagation Detection Association for Multi-target Tracking in Wide Area Aerial Surveillance
Bor-Jeng Chen, and Gerard Medioni (University of Southern California)
[#028] Online Multi-Face Detection and Tracking using Detector Confidence and Structured SVMs
Francesco Comaschi, Sander Stuijk, Twan Basten, and Henk Corporaal (TUE)
[#029] Efficient 24/7 Object Detection in Surveillance Videos
Rogerio Feris, Russ Bobbitt, Sharath Pankanti, and Ming-Ting Sun (IBM T.J. Watson Research)
[#050] The Multi-Strand Graph for a PTZ Tracker
Shachaf Melman (Tel Aviv University), Yael Moses (Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya ), Gerard Medioni (University of Southern California), and Yinghao Cai (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
[#051] Temporally Stable Feature Clusters for Maritime Object Tracking in Visible and Thermal Imagery
Christopher Osborne, Tom Cane, Tahir Nawaz, and James Ferryman (University of Reading)
[#061] Modified Particle Filtering using Foreground Separation and Confidence for Object Tracking
Chansu Kim, and Sung-Kee Park (KIST)
[#065] Plda-based System for Text-prompted Password Speaker Verification
Sergey Novoselov (Speech Technology Center Ltd), Andrey Shulipa (ITMO), Timur Pekhovsky (ITMO), Oleg Kudashev (Speech Technology Center Ltd)
[#067] Real-time Adaptive Background Modeling in Fast Changing Conditions
Andrea Pennisi* (Sapienza University of Rome), Fabio Previtali (Sapienza University of Rome), Domenico Bloisi (Sapienza University of Rome), Luca Iocchi (Sapienza University of Rome)
[#093] A Thermal Object Tracking Benchmark
Amanda Berg, Jörgen Ahlberg, and Michael Felsberg (Linköping University)
[#099] R-SpaRCS : An Algorithm for Foreground-Background Separation of Compressively-Sensed Surveillance Videos
Lekshmi Ramesh (DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, India), and Pratik Shah (IIIT, Vadodara)
[#101] A Comparative View on Exemplar ‘Tracking-by-Detection’ Approaches
Elie Moussy, Alhayat Ali Mekonnen, Guilhem Marion, and Frédéric Lerasle (LAAS – CNRS)
[#108] Online Multi-modal Task-Driven Dictionary Learning and Robust Joint Sparse Representation for Visual Tracking
Ali Taalimi, Rahman Khorsandi, and Hairong Qi (University of Tennessee-Knoxvi)
[#113] On Fusion for Robust Motion Segmentation
Longzhen Li, Anna Ellis, and James Ferryman (University of Reading)
[#118] Exploiting 3D Geometric Primitives for Multicamera Pedestrian Detection
Muhammad Owais Mehmood (IFSTTAR), Sébastien Ambellouis (IFSTTAR), and Catherine Achard (ISIR)
[#121] Dynamic Bayesian Network modeling for self- and cross-correcting tracking
Tewodros Atanaw Biresaw (Queen Mary University of London), Andrea Cavallaro (Queen Mary, University of London), and Carlo Regazzoni (University of Genova)
[#125] Telemetry assisted frame registration and background subtraction in low-altitude UAV videos
Giounona Tzanidou, Pau Climent-Perez, Georg Hummel, Marc Schmitt, Peter Stütz, Dorothy Monekosso, and Paolo Remagnino (Kingston University)
[#132] Social Interaction based Handling Inter-Person Occlusion for Online Multi-Pedestrian Tracking
Yuke Li, and Weiming Shen (Liesmars, Wuhan University)
[#133] An Occlusion Reasoning Scheme for Monocular Pedestrian Tracking in Dynamic Scenes
Sourav Garg (TATA Consultancy Services), Ratnakaram Rajesh (IIT Guwahati), Swagat Kumar (TATA Consultancy Services), and Prithwijit Guha (IIT Guwahatu)